Appearing next at:

101 Dresses Fashion Show at Batemans Bay Soldiers Club
30 September
Dance Rites, Opera House, Sydney
26 November

You missed us at:

Yabun Festival, Camperdown (Sydney) NSW
26 January 2017

Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton VIC
27-30 January 2017

13-17 April 2017
12-14 May 2017
In October 2016 Djaadjawan Dancers took part in the Women’s Culture Gathering in Guringai Country – delivered by Banmirra Arts & Stella Stories With funding support from Barangaroo Development Authority, Ministry of the Arts (MOTA) and Australia Council for the Arts.
We taught groups of women how to make shell and fibre dance belts and taught them some traditional dances.


We have also danced at:

  • Dance Rites – Homeground, Sydney Opera House
  • South East Arts Arts & Health Launch, Bega
  • World Environment Day, Randwick
  • KOOJAY CORROBOREE at Coogee Beach
  • National Folk Festival, Canberra
  • Homeground (Finalists!), Sydney Opera House 2015
  • Yabun Festival, Sydney